Vom Norden inspiriert.

Film und Katalog zu Sacrifice

Hier gibts den Film (siehe ca. 40. Minute) und den Ausstellungskatalog zu Sacrifice zu sehen:

M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano (> Events > Sacrifice)

Aus dem Katalog Sacrifice

What would we do if we had the opportunity to enter other dimensions? We would live multiple lives at once, we would discover new relationships, we would meet new people. We would also have the opportunity to start over. A dimension is how we explain the ability to move through space: left and right, up and down and back and forth. The world is defined by three spatial dimensions, in addition to the fourth dimension refers to time. Many theories predict the existence of further dimensions besides time and the three spatial ones, but none have been proven. In “Space”, Space in Esperanto, the artist is be able to go beyond the three dimesions, by putting one layer on top of the other, cleverly combining complementary colors. Spaces that intersect, come toghether, transporting us to a new reality. The formation of these new dimensions does not create chaos. It is a painting that conveys calm, it its simplicity and in its clear lines, thanks also to the wise use of vertical hatching placed in sequence, that give a sense of stillness. Unlike many abstract paintings, the colors are not instinctively placed, but are inserted into geometric figures, without leaving the edges. This technique makes the picture more static and helps stimulate the sense of quiet. The vibrant colors reflect the artist’s personality: positive and joyful. An artist inspired by the small joys of life and who gives her art the goal of capturing this happiness to transmit in to the viewer. Rebekka plays with different techniques and media, to stimulate the imagination. It’s a painting that makes us daydream, which breaks down the skepticism of us adults and turns us into curious children who come back to believe.

Text by Art Curator Lucrezia Perropane (M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milan)